Big Double Wax Heater

Big Double Wax Heater

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This heavy duty professional Heater has one side that holds a traditional 14 ounce/800g size tin of wax and has a second basin that holds almost 4 pounds/ 1.8kg of hard wax. Very strong, super fast heating element, reliable and very well made. Developed exclusively for professionals that need a dependable large warmer for hard wax. Comes with, Small Tin, Instruction Booklet, Wax Pot holder, lid and warranty. Size 9.5" x 14" x 5.5"

*When using a Berodin Soft Wax turn the temperature gauge up to 45 degrees and when using the larger basin for Berodin Hard Wax turn the temperature gauge to 30 degrees*.

Room temperatures vary. You may need to adjust gauges accordingly.

This is an EURO plug so you will need to use with an EU adaptor plug.